Analysis Of Beyonce 's ' The Black Lives Matter ' Essay

1138 Words Mar 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Many individuals belittle the Black community; in effect, discrimination remains present in society. Beyoncé illustrates a phenomenal issue of racial injustice toward African Americans that they unfortunately still face. We are constantly seeing black individuals being taken their rights and discouraging them from succeeding. As a result of these racial injustice events, many movements have been created, one being called “Black Lives Matter” movement. Beyoncé associated herself with this movement to inspire by the message that speaks to racial and social inequalities and injustice in society. Living in a society that lacks equality, Beyoncé 's video "Formation", reflects a long history of her culture by integrating the most historical scenes from her hometown yet, also the suffrage of inequality that the black community faces due to injustice. She introduces how African Americans can rise from poverty even through controversial issues like racial injustice with empowerment, by influencing the idea that black individuals have the power to become successful.
Beyoncé’s video release of “Formation” is a strong asset of identity to the black community. Empowering imagery by integrating events of her Southern heritage; such as, presenting her family’s roots, Katrina New Orleans, beauty shops, and most essentially she on top of a police vehicle that was sinking into a flood. These vivid events correlate to the meaning behind her lyrics in “Formation”. She sets expressive examples…

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