Analysis Of ' Beowulf ' And ' The Power Of The Myth ' Essay

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Beowulf In the epic Beowulf, the protagonist 's decision to singlehandedly face the satanic Grendel reflects his arrogance and braggadocio. While Beowulf may be haughty, it does not detract from his bravery and valiance. In Joseph Campbell 's The Power of the Myth, the author lists several pertinent characteristics of a hero, all of which apply to Beowulf and further exemplify both his heroism and cockiness. First, Campbell writes that heroes perform acts of courage; while Beowulf is undoubtedly courageous when he goes to Hrothgar requesting permission to face Grendel, he makes his request in an extremely arrogant and distasteful manner because of the tone and content of what he is saying. In addition, Campbell explains that a hero undergoes tests and trials to push himself; although Beowulf continually pushes himself and challenges himself by fighting all monsters and enemies valiantly, he does not do it with any modesty because he uses his past military victories to brag about his ability to beat Grendel. Lastly, Campbell records how heroism is achieved; even though Beowulf ultimately does achieve his goal, after his success he is extraordinarily boastful when he attributes his victory to his being favored by G-d. In all, although Beowulf satisfies the definition of Campbell 's criteria of a hero and a heroic figure, he also has an enormous ego and is extremely arrogant.
Beowulf 's request to Hrothgar to fight Grendel is courageous and heroic, but at the same time…

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