Analysis Of Bell Hooks ' Book Essay

795 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Out of the other chapters in Bell Hooks’ book, I felt this chapter was the most relevant to me. Hooks talked about the need for educators to engage in their teaching. Some professors and teachers do not engage and show much interest in what they are teaching. Hooks was able to describe the lack of engagement that teachers show without many examples or controversial subject material. I felt the chapter was able to relate to everyone rather than make a politically charged statement and expect people to reform to her ideals. The chapter was not as accusatory as the past chapters which helped to create a more open subject that the reader could follow and relate to. The absence of anti-white accusations made me as the reader feel less defensive and more open for change. This chapter was one of my favorites due to the reasonable changes Hooks was promoting. Hook’s example of the program on feminism at CBS was very interesting to me. I thought that it helped explain the issue of engagement in pedagogy efficiently and effectively. Hooks stated on page 202, “ . . . without the capacity to think critically about our selves and our lives, none of us would be able to move forward, to change, to grow. In our society, which is so fundamentally anti-intellectual, critical thinking is not encouraged”. I felt that this quote helped show the issue in our society. Critical thinking is vital to the growth of knowledge and the evolution of our minds. By being able to reflect and look back on a…

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