Analysis Of Barbara Van Schewick 's Network Neutrality Essay

754 Words Oct 17th, 2015 4 Pages
In Network Neutrality Nuances, Barbara van Schewick argues her stance on network neutrality, and how without it we would be under the relentless abuse of our ISPs. By utilizing a multitude of examples and propositions, she manages to engross the reader in a series of possibilities of what could occur without network neutrality, and how it acts as a measure against discrimination Barbara starts off her point of view by firmly introducing us into net neutrality, and how it is basically the wall that stops a digital divide. Focusing on 3 subjects in specific, the piece introduces the reader to why we should worry about network neutrality, the incentives ISPs have to do it and why arguments against net neutrality are invalid. Barbara very convincingly writes towards the daily activist and internet user; however her examples of arguments against net neutrality are weak, due to the limited point of view conducted by her biased opinion and she makes a lot of inductive assumptions to support her opinion.
Barbara does an excellent job of expressing her opinion through quantitative research. Upon reading the article you’re flooded with a concrete knowledge of what “Internet Access” is and how it is going to change and what the purpose of net neutrality is. She gives real world examples of how ISPs abuse their power: Comcast throttling access to Vuze and BitTorrent, Telus blocking access to the Worker’s Union site, and Verizon rejecting an abortions right group the ability to send text…

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