Analysis Of Auf Anderen Seite ( The Edge Of Heaven ) Essay

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In the movie Auf Anderen Seite (The Edge of Heaven), the father (Ali Aksu) has a very difficult time molding into the German culture because he has very strong Turkish ties, and because of this he is struggling to assimilate. Now on the other hand his son (Nejat Aksu) is having an easier time assimilating (molding) into the German culture well for one reason his age younger people can change their beliefs in a heartbeat because that 's what we do. In addition to that the son in the movie is a German Professor. Subsequently that is another indicator that the son is having a much easier time molding into the German culture. The father (Ali Aksu) as I said before is having a very hard time molding into the German culture because he still goes out and try 's to find only Turkish friends and really doesn 't seem to be willing to even try to change. Even today in the U.S. we see the same kind of things happening to all the immigrants that have populated the U.S. Let us look at a better example, let 's take the Hispanic population, for example, and when the parents come over from Mexico the kids grow up speaking primarily English but the parents don 't exactly seem comfortable following the flow of the rest of the Americans. That is a prime example of the generation gap you were inquiring about. For a parent, it 's not easy to send your kid off to college I experienced this when my parents sent me to SFA. My mom is the more sensitive one in the family cried, but…

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