Essay on Analysis Of Arthur Miller 's ' The Crucible '

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The Actions of Vengeance In the novel, “The Crucible”, the author, Arthur Miller, discusses about witchcraft that is happening in Salem, Massachusetts, in the early spring of the year 1692. One of the main characters whose name is, Abigail, brings all of her friends to the forest to meet a slave whose name is, Tituba, to basically conjure spells to make the man of their dreams to fall in love with them. However, during the time they conjuring love spells, doing other wired stuff, and Abigail drinks blood from a dead bird that she has killed they are seen by Parris, who is the minister of their church. After that meeting, two people are unable to wake up from their sleep, Betty and Ruth, the difference between the two is that Betty’s eyes are closed and Ruth’s eyes are opened, which resulted the villagers believing that what happened to the two kids is because of witchcraft. In the novel, Arthur Miller addresses vengeance as a theme that is being used throughout the novel because most of the villagers are using witchcraft for their own selfish reasons, which is to get rid of their enemies. Miller’s message about vengeance is to show how it can be used for good sometimes, but it is mostly used for selfish reasons like in novel how people are using witchcraft to gain land for themselves, blame others for events that happened, or to get an item or person all to themselves. Vengeance is used basically throughout the whole novel, a few examples of how it is being used in the…

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