Analysis Of Anthem For Doomed Youth

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Poem Chosen: Anthem for Doomed Youth

Write a paragraph summarising the representation of war being presented in your poem and the main ways in which it is shown.
The poem represents war as depressing and futile. The representation of how horrific war is, can be construed from the title itself. It conveys a strong feeling for the reader and foreshadows what the poem will consist of. Usually an anthem is a stirring song or chant linked with joy, but when “doomed Youth” is added, it changes the whole definition of anthem, and deduces a much more sorrow meaning, compared to a previous, joyous one. A representation of misery is evident in the 1st line of the poem “doomed
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The loss of innocence can be depicted by the book ‘Jungle book’ read in the beginning of the movie. Archie’s uncle Jack can be seen reading this, foreshadowing future events, as the book is about how Mowgli reaches manhood and has to leave the family. While his uncle is reading the book to the younger children, Archie walks up and listens at the door. This is significant as it alludes to what Archie is about to do and has a sense of irony. Archie’s role in the movie also interconnects the loss of innocence and futility of war, has at a young age his gullibility causes him to lose his innocence, and his death at the end of the movie represents the futility of war. The futility of war is established most effectively through the repeated symbolism of clocks and watches that can be distinguished throughout the film. From the beginning of the movie, it establishes the idea that time is important. As the film progress, the audience can sense that Archie time is beginning to run out. As Archie prepares his final race in the trenches, despondent sensations would become eminent. This evidence illustrates the futility of war. Though the soldiers know that running through the trenches will be end of them, they are still forced to run through the trenches. This unfortunate act only occurs due to the differences in time which refers to …show more content…
Peter Weir values the truth. This can be deduced by the movie as it educates the realistic nature of war. VALUES
He truly values the precious life of soldiers as he emphasis that their death is not given a proper ceremony.
He values the truth, as he depicts the real sufferance of war. which is seen in stanza 1 were he replaces more conventional objects in mourning and funeral with more abstract and symbolic things from the war, this emphasises that no human sympathy and ritual is necessary as the death of war is not natural and meaningful. Which also shows meaningless death caused by the futility of war.
Peter weir’s attitude war can be defined as pointless as he ends the movie with the death of young, innocent, barely adults.
Archie’s attitude towards war is to fight for his country which can be simplified as a sense of duty. This Is evident by his eagerness to fight for this country.
Frank’s attitude starts off as there is no gain from going to war for him, changes as the movie progresses ATTITUDES
Wilfred Owen attitude towards war is aggressively anti-war.
His attitude towards the ones who die in war is shown as

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