The Change Of Words In Jane Austen's Literature

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Jane Austen is known for her words. During her time period it was unheard of for the daughter of a gentle to have any sort of career ( to work for money in any way). It was viewed as improper, and indecent and was compared to prostitution. So Austen always hid her work, and what was published during her time was under a pseudo name, “The Author”. A lot of her work was also published post humus by her brother. The words that she wrote have become classics and are taught as great pieces of literature. When reader sit down to read her books, however, it is interesting to note how her style of writing changes over the course of the novels. How her words shift from these novels is drastic, as she finds her groove in writing. In fact her words themselves change from focusing on the words of her characters to the ACTIONS of her characters. In Persuasion for instance her characters sometimes does not even remember her actions, and for the most important scenes in the book there is no dialogue at all. Austen learned how to write a crucial scene without needing too many words, and by showing the reader what was happening instead of just describing it, she creates memorable scenes which readers cannot get enough of. She proves that the timeless “actions speak louder than words” …show more content…
Rather her heroine in both Northanger Abbey and Persuasion know who they are attracted to and who they want to end up with at very early points in the novel. Anne has never wavered from her love of Wentworth and as soon as Catherine meets Henry she knows he is the one for her. The decision to fall in love, or stay in love, seems to be a completely rational decision on the heroine’s part rather than a rash, love at first sight reaction. This creates a love that is almost quantitive, as the love of the characters is weighed and decided

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