Essay on Analysis Of Anisa Karam 's ' The Clock At Night '

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Nine year old, Anisa Karam* stood at the door of her small house in Kabul, Afghanistan and had to watch her father be dragged to the sidewalk outside. The members of the Taliban who had come to the door said they had orders to kill him because he had continued to allow his daughter to go to school. For them, it was not enough that she was no longer able to go, but that someone had disobeyed them with a decision like this. Nearing nine o’clock at night, they shot him in the middle of the walkway. Anisa has said it is extremely difficult to speak about what they did to her after they had murdered her father.
Three years later, Anisa Karam is now a budding young twelve year old and is facing many hardships placed on women under the Taliban. She has been forced to start wearing the full burqa, with no part of her skin admissible to be shown. She only has a small slit over her eyes allowing her to see. Her two older brothers now dictate all her life decisions. Anisa is not allowed to move around outside without one of them accompanying her and she has no independence. She is no longer allowed to attend school under Taliban law. Her mother used to be a practicing doctor, but under Taliban rule, women are not allowed to be doctors therefore she now stays home to do housework. Women are also not allowed to be seen by male doctors because they are not allowed to be seen by anyone except for immediate family mostly only their husbands.
Within Anisa Karam’s family, there is a serious…

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