Comparison Of Angelina Jolie And Barbara Mcclintock

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For our project, we were inspired by a few of the most talented women in history, Angelina Jolie, Jane Goodall, and Barbara McClintock to develop our own Frankenstein Super Woman, Angelina Jane McClintock. Firstly, we designed it so that our Frankenstein would be an optimistic woman, adopted from one of the traits of Jane Goodall, a primatologist and anthropologist. Goodall was known to be a positive person, even as a child, persisting to be joyful through the hardships such as rationing, blackouts, and the temporary absence of a father, all due to World War 2. Following our first component, our Super Woman is an incredibly patient person because Goodall, the woman she was based off, cares and watches the tiring and troublesome chimps all day, which we found to be a desirable trait. Angelina Jolie, our second individual, also has beneficial qualities, such as her high maturity. Jolie began acting at the age of 6, a period where the average person wouldn't be mellow enough to be on the stage. In addition, we found Jolie's character of being loving an exceptional feature of the actress, proven by her heartwarming action of donating one-third of her salary to charity. Additionally, …show more content…
When she obtained her awards corresponding to acting, she had successfully impacted a few corporate men's opinions on what women could do. As a result, corporate higherups began treating women in a much fairer and more generous way. In addition, when our Super Woman had prospered in the field of science, other peers finally utilized and accepted her work. Thus, she has furthered our knowingness of physiology and amazed others of what a woman that they only considered "feeble" could actually do. In conclusion, Angelina Jane McClintock has influenced many to differentiate their opinion on woman and astonish many, affecting the media's view for the

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