Analysis Of Angela Carter 's ' The Erl King ' Essay

1951 Words Mar 5th, 2016 8 Pages
During the story of The Erl-King, Angela Carter attempts to convey several key messages to the readers. Some of the concepts I chose to interpret during the story were nature, isolation, entrapment, and also consequences. I chose these concepts because they reflected how Angela Carter felt about life in general. She uses plenty of examples in The Erl-King to how these concepts are apart of the everyday life. The themes or messages in this story come off with positive advice through other people’s mistakes. During this short story Angela Carter translates these key messages to get a clear image of different concepts.
In the short story, The Erl-King, it has numerous themes you can take away from it. A theme that caught my attention while reading this short story was nature and how it has so much meaning into this gigantic world we live in, who am I kidding, it is all around us. It is everywhere we look, everywhere we touch. The Erl-King himself is a great way to look at how nature is impacting in our lives. He lives among venturous animals in the deep dense woods where there is not a way out, where eating plants, sometimes eating animals, and drinking milk from his goat is just a part of nature that no one despises because no one has the love for nature as much as the Erl-King. The narrator explains that the Erl-Kings “house is made of sticks and stones and has grown a pelt of yellow lichen. Grass and weeds grow in the mossy roof (pg. 86).” Thus meaning he is all nature, he…

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