Analysis Of Android Security And The Smartphone Market Essay

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Analysis of Android Security

There is a rapid growth in the smartphone market. The mobile phone is not just a phone; rather it is a complete device in itself. These smartphones are now used for online shopping, banking, email and provide multiple other applications for news, weather, games, and education and health services. Millions of applications have been developed and are installed and used. This growth is here to continue. This takes us to an era of extensive use of the Smartphone and the malicious attackers are now targeting mobile platforms. More the features more vulnerable it is to attacks. A malicious attack on the device can lead to severe risks and losses to the user/device owner. The various threats posing security risks on mobile devices are viruses, rootkits, botnets, and spyware. The Android OS is open source and thus has gained a huge market share. In addition to this, Android provides a capability to easily integrate with Google services like Gmail, Google Play, Contacts and Calendar. Users store private information on their smart phones and some applications also need access to private and vulnerable data. Therefore, there is a need to place strong security mechanisms that can protect users from malicious attacks. This paper analyses the security architecture of the most popular worldwide used mobile platform: Android. It also compares it to the security architecture of iOS and finally discusses the security vulnerabilities and risks along with the…

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