Essay about Analysis Of Alexander Hamilton 's ' The New Constitution '

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On March 21, 1861, a man named Alexander Hamilton decided in his best judgment to deliver his famously known “Cornerstone Speech”. To a crowd of spectators in Savannah, George, he elaborated on what he called “the new constitution”. His definition of the “new constitution” consisted of purposes based on the Confederate government. In addition, he informed the audience on matters of slavery as well as succession. Alexander Hamilton a well known confederate gave this speech with the notion that it would shine light on the new government amongst the American public. Furthermore, Hamilton’s speech provided details about how slavery was a necessary evil in society and how it should be allowed. In the words of Alexander Hamilton, he defined the battle of slavery by saying it “was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution (Stephens, “Cornerstone Speech”). With this statement being said, he brings up the issue of slavery as being one of the main reasons for succession among the states as well as, the Civil War. Slavery was a major cause of the Civil War due to its steady pace of problems between the northern and southern states. These disagreements eventually led to the northern states fighting to protect the union. While on the other hand, the southern states fought to establish a new confederation and southern independence. For this matter, it brings up the question of confederacy during this time of rebellion and war. According to Hamilton, the…

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