Analysis Of Alan Jackson 's ' Remember When ' Essay

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3 September 2015
Remember When
Alan Jackson, a country music singer, is one of a few superstars who has built his career on traditional country. He is “one of the greatest singers in country music that has written the best songs in history of the genre” (The Boot Staff). He has “written more than sixty singles and half of them have reached to #1 on the charts” (The Boot Staff). Most of the songs that Alan Jackson has written during his career are about his personal experiences. The song “Remember When” was written “during a difficult period in his marriage, which was when he and his wife got separated and then reconciled” several months later (The Boot Staff). In the song “Remember When” by Alan Jackson, he writes about events in his life with his wife so they will be able to reflect when they grow old together.
In “Remember Me”, Alan Jackson reflects on his past with his wife on their life together. He mentions when he first met his wife at a young age, getting married, separating, reconciling, and growing a family. The phrase “Remember When” is used to reflect back on his memories (Lyrics007). He describes that when they got married, they had to learn to work through the good and bad times in their relationship. In stanza 4, Alan states “the sound of little feet”, this was when they broke up and reconciled months later because their kids had such an impact on them that they did not want to get a divorce (Lyrics007). When he says that “when thirty…

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