Eudora Welty A Worn Path Summary

A Great Journey
An Analysis of Eudora Welty’s, A Worn Path Why do children never value what their parents or other elders do for them? Why do teenagers only think of themselves, and never stop and say thank you to those who help them? Many people say it is because children and teenagers are ungrateful beings who do not appreciate or respect the help others give to them. However, maybe it is not that children and teenagers do not know respect; maybe it is simply the fact they do not know how to show gratitude. Slone DuPree, a cancer patient in Portland, Oregon, describes young adult as, “completely frustrated people who are trying to be too independent too fast.” Young adults do not understands the lessons in life, because they have not been alive long enough to experience them. A Worn Path, written by Eudora Welty (04/13/1909 - 07/23/2001), is a wonderful story which demonstrates the gratitude expressed by those who have lived longer. There are
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One man even said, “In times of great struggle, your family members are the only people who will truly be there for you” (Bruce Aries). No one can choose his or her family members. No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to change those whom he or she is related to. Phoenix Jackson risks her health, and quite possibly her life to help save the life of her grandson. She shows how family stays together. She demonstrates how important it is for one to always stay true to who he or she loves. In the story, one woman says, “‘She doesn’t come for herself - she has a little grandson. She makes these trips just as regular as clockwork” (855). Phoenix constantly makes trips, now a windy and dangerous path, just to make sure her grandson has the necessary medication he needs. This woman is the perfect symbol to represent what it means to be a true family

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