Analysis Of ' A Separate Peace ' Essay

1042 Words Oct 25th, 2015 5 Pages
Do differences in personality traits have a great affect on who will flourish in a real world society? In “A Separate Peace” the two main characters, Gene and Phineas, have many personality traits that make them similar but they also have very different interests in life. For example, Gene is mainly focused on his academics, while Phineas is very athletic and he is not too concerned about school or his grades. Knowles uses these two sets of characteristics to portray how two divergent people change as they mature and decide what path they choose to follow in life. Although Gene and Phineas have these unlike attributes, it is Phineas’ enjoyment of adventure, that Gene wanted so badly to appreciate as well, that brings them together. These two characters represent two entirely different identities who are still united together through their unique personality traits. In the novel Gene is described as a young independent boy who is not brilliant, but certainly striving to achieve academic excellence. Gene is not very impressive physically either, so to make up for his shortcomings he needs to work very hard for everything that he wants to achieve. Although he is mainly concerned about school and his studies, he continuously finds himself trying too hard to impress people, such as those who are athletically gifted. This proves to have a negative impact on his life, along with the lives of those around him. When Gene meets his roommate, Finny, he instantly begins to resent…

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