Essay about Analysis of a Conflict Situation

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Communication is any everyday occurrence in which everyone participates. This report attempted to study the use of modern communications and negotiation theory and how it applies to everyday experiences. To achieve this, a workplace scenario was analysed and theories were applied in order to gain an understanding of what was happening in the interaction and what could be done to try to achieve a better outcome for all parties.

In this report firstly a literature review was undertaken in order to introduce the reader in the types of theories which would be examined in the context of the work place case study. Next a detailed discussion of the workplace scenario was undertaken highlighting the key points of the situation and
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Table of Contents

|Abstract iii |
|Table of Contents iv |
|Introduction 5 |
|Literature Review 5 |
|Description 5 |
|Discussion 6 |
|Conclusion 8 |
|Recommendations 9 |
|References 10 |
|Appendices 11 |
|Case Study Notes

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