Analysis : ' Formation ' By Beyonce Essay

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Delaney Briggs
Matt Garite
English 1103-29
September 28th, 2016
Now Let’s Get in Formation: An Analysis of “Formation” by Beyoncé
At the first glance, Beyoncé’s song Formation seems to be just your average teen pop song, one that will get overplayed on the radio for about a month, until it begins to slowly be phased out of style. However, it appears as though Beyoncé has created a song and music video that embodies many of the themes and messages that are prevalent in today’s societies. Her song catches the eyes of many people: women, African-Americans, and families. “Formation” chooses to not just focus on one central message, but instead a few big themes to allow more people to connect with both Beyoncé and her music on a new level that most has not experienced with her before. This video is about who Beyoncé truly is and where she comes from. The lyrics were carefully selected, and each scene was thoughtfully planned out to represent her heritage, family, and meaning of fame including her sweet daughter Blue Ivy appears in the video. This adds an influential touch to connect generations together and see an untouchable family bond. Beyoncé slays this video using stylish dance moves, trendy outfits, and controversial themes to complete an overall video that basically defines the meaning of in our current society.
This video starts off with scenes of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. These shots contained items like a sinking police car and abandon city streets.…

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