Analysis : Cross Cultural Management Essay

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Title: “Cross Cultural Management”


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The following paper is an attemp to understand how to manage cultural differences in a business situation. I decided to work on this relatively broad, but therefore interesting topic, because I am really interested in everything related to internationalization of cultures and the interactions that play in such cases. Besides, If we consider the actual tendency of globalization, it is somehow quite important to be able and ready to face any communication or cultural problem.


Thus, through this essay, the importance of cultural differences that a manager will have to face and handle properly while working with an international team, will be analysed. Basically, I want to lead to the conclusion that there is no “the solution” when talking about intercultural management.

This essay will expose a management principle which is, as far as I am concerned, basic in case of international management: “Managing cultural differences implies adapting to a new environement insead of adapting the new environement”.


As a matter of fact, a team of workers is not managed the same way in Japan as it is in France or in Mexico. Cultural aspects must be understood and included for transcultural management to work out. Keeping in mind that my target is “managing cultural differences”, I will try to adapt Hofstede scheme to my paper, in order to make it clearer.



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