Analysis and Evaluation of "The Pathology of White Privilege" by Tim Wise

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Little White Lies:
An Analysis and Evaluation of “The Pathology of White Privilege” by Tim Wise
Growing up in the United States, racism is an issue one cannot help but hear about at one point or another. Racial inequality and discrimination is a topic that comes up every February with Black History Month, and is often talked about in high school history classes around the country. But that is what it is considered to the majority of people: history. Most students are taught that, while there are still and will always be individual cases of racial discrimination and racism, nationally the problem ended with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People of color, however, will often tell you differently. At least that is what they told Tim Wise,
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He uses anecdotes such as stories about growing up in poor conditions and doing poorly in school to demonstrate just how average he is. He also constantly makes sure to include himself in the group benefiting from privilege by using the word “we” and claiming he would not even be speaking on this issue if he was not white. Wise also uses collected data to support his claims. He references different scientific studies such as the research published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2004 on ten years of mortality data for African Americans. This research shows that in a span of ten years, almost one million black people in the United States died that would not have died had their conditions been equal to those of most white people. He also talks about a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association about the high rates of anxiety in the United States, and goes on to state that he believes this is because constantly having to defend a dominant position causes widespread distress among the group. Humor is another tool Wise uses to make his point. For a lot of his speech, he comes across very serious, as his topic is a serious issue. He periodically uses sarcasm and funny statements, however, as comic relief. One example is when he describes spending two hours with racist policemen as “fun”. He also describes the Unabomber

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