Video Analysis: White Privilege By Hunter Avallone

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Video Clip Analysis The main sociological concept in this video is white privilege. In the video, Hunter Avallone discusses how people need to check their white privilege. White privilege is defined as “a set of advantages and/or immunities that white people benefit from on a daily basis beyond those common to all others” (“What is White Privilege?” 2003). He explains exactly how to go about with “checking” a person’s privilege. The first step he poses is, “Examine how privileged you are”. Avallone first mentions how privilege depends directly on skin color and has nothing to do with anything else (“How to Check Your White Privilege” 2016). He shows a picture of a white man and describes that looking like this …show more content…
The video goes to explain the benefits of white privilege by the creator going through different steps to have viewers check their privilege. Hunter Avallone goes through exactly how to get white privilege and examples of white privilege. This issue is often overlooked because it is so common and no one ever says anything about it. The understanding of the actual term “white privilege” will help understand this video in a few ways. Avallone never defines the term but just jumps in with ways to check privilege. With the knowledge of what the term means, this video may be more easily explained. Avallone also presents the video in a sarcastic tone. This tone brings more attention to the real problems with white privilege because people do often think of it as a joke. One of the very first comments says, “To this day I will never understand what people mean when they say to check my privilege”. This viewer probably did not even watch the video because it is clearly listed out how to check your privilege and …show more content…
Colorblindness is described as “the racial ideology that posits the best way to end discrimination is by treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to race, culture, or ethnicity” (Psychology Today 2011). The video starts off by saying that race is not biological and that racism/race is a social construct (“Why Colorblindness Will NOT End Racism” 2016). The speaker then explains how “race is a structural foundation of power”. She discusses how the biological definition of subspecies and how it is often confused with human race. The video includes a quote from Francis Collins, a genome scientist, to explain that race is not justified by science. The quote is “Those who wish to draw precise racial boundaries around certain groups will not be able to use science as a legitimate justification”. Collins explains through his quote that race is a made up social construct with no real scientific background. The video then moves onto how humans created the problem with race. Race was never a problem until people starting pointing out the problems with each different group (“Why Colorblindness Will NOT End Racism” 2016). The video moves into what the government should do to end the problems with race. One of main problems talked about is how people with ethnic sounding names are less likely to be hired at big corporations. The video suggests that resumes become nameless and this would solve the racial problems in

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