A Comparative Analysis Of Adam Vs. Eve

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Adam vs. Eve

Eve first said to Adam, “What outfit do you like the maple or the fig leaf?” He said, “Well honey, they both look nice.” She got upset and stormed off. Now this probably never happened, but this scenario is actually very common. A woman asks for a simple, honest opinion and the guy thinks oh no this might be a trap lets cop out and say both. This pisses the woman off because she knows it is a cop out and she 's going to have to continue debating on what one to choose. It would have been a lot less frustrating for both parties if the guy had just made an honest observation. Yes, the woman may not have liked the observation made, but she would have appreciated the honesty. This is just an example of the many communication
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For instants the toilet seat argument. The guy forgets to put the seat back down after going to the bathroom the woman flips out because she can 't see why it is so hard to put the seat down after going pee. The guy then gets mad that she 's flipping out because he doesn 't see why it is so hard for her to put the seat down before she goes doesn 't it take longer before you can go pee if you stop to yell at him for not putting it down. This argument is caused because they do and think differently, causing friction in their communication leading to the argument that could lead to a fight that could lead to an end of the relationship all together. As I said a minute ago, it is ridiculous the things they argue over and how all these small communication issues lead to these and it can end it all. An other thing men and women do differently is their ways of communication which obviously can cause a lack of successful communication. For example, Deborah Tannen says in her essay Sex, Lies and Conversation, “The girls in my study tended to talk at length about one topic, but boys tended to jump from topic to topic(410).” So, while a woman is talking on about her day or something for an extended period and then asks her partner if he 's listening his reply may involve an entirely different subject matter as well as his answer. He may have answered, but since his

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