Analysis : A Face On Disability Essay

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Who we are and how we fit into society is defined by many factors, but one of the greatest factors is our health. For a large number of people illness is not a challenge, and understanding how it affects others is difficult if they have not been affected by illness themselves. For those who are affected by illness it is easy to feel alone, or that your personal and social identity is being challenged or called into question. Narratives are a way for people who are considered “ill” by societies standards to “...accomplish a number of important goals, serving one’s personal and social identities. These writings put a face on disability” (Ryan, 2006). The two articles written by Freeman (1997) bring into view the lives and challenges of Jason 11, and Sophia 13, with regards to the mental and physical illnesses they have to face on a daily basis. Jason has been living with paralyzing fear, as well as insomnia, for a majority of his life, while Sophia is battling severe eczema that causes her to focus on the itchiness rather than other areas of her life. Within this essay two particular narratives by Freeman will discuss how the individuals overcome their personal and social challenges, as well as how this was accomplished through the guidance of counselors in order to redefine their identities.

The themes of growth and rediscovery are among the main processes that help Jason overcome his personal and social challenges that are present within the Freeman article. As proposed by…

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