Analysis : ' 50 Shades Of Medusa ' Essay

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50 Shades of Medusa
Buckle your seatbelts, motherBLEEPers, because in three short pages I’m going to teach you a thing that I only learned myself two hours ago. So sit down, shut up, and enjoy the experience of my four AM Red Bull induced, self hatred fueled writing extravaganza.
This is the story of Medusa. She suffered many injustices in her life and the misfortunes continued to pile up. Everytime she tried to escape one misfortune another would come upon her. Despite her best efforts to protect herself and the ones she loved, she suffered severely for crimes that were no fault of her own.
It was a very moist and starry night in the late summer on a small island just off the coast of Oceanus. The smell of the salty sea air was strong and the soft moonlight shone brightly lighting the way for a beautiful young maiden named Medusa to do her priestess duties around the temple of Athena where she lived.
Zeus the god of lightning and the sky, was looking for someone to keep him company and his bed warm for the night. His gaze just so happened to fall a little beyond Oceanus, to his daughter Athena 's temple. This is how he first saw Medusa, a priestess in a temple of Athena. Once he laid his eyes upon her he could not look away, everything she did was beautiful. This is how he knew he had found the someone he was looking for. She had all of the right curves and edges in all of the right places. Zeus could not refuse himself the pleasure of swooping down and laying his hands…

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