An Viral Video On Youtube Essay

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One of the most viral videos on Youtube are parents giving their children a lemon to suck on. The hysterical faces the children make is a response to the amount of acidity they are tasting. Acids and bases can usually be defined by your senses. For example, edible acids usually have a sour taste(4). Bases are more bitter-tasting and unstable(4). But, your senses are not the only ways you could detect acids. Sometimes you have to use measurements like the pH scale to detect if a substance is a acid or a base. Since, acids and bases surround us, it is important know information about them and how to detect them.

Before we start measuring acid we have to know what they are. “The word acid comes from the latin term “acidus” or sour” (4). The reason why acidic things tend to be sour is because of their hydrogen ion concentration. When you taste something sour, the hydrogen ion mixes with another substance ( probably your saliva) which provides more ions. and since your tongue gains ions, it absorbs the flavor as sour. Vinegar, lemons, lime, etc.. are some examples of some sour acidic drinks, or fruits, we use in our everyday life.

Another important thing we must know before we test an acids is the types there are. In total there are 4 types of acids; weak acids, strong acids, and common acids. Weak acids are exactly like their title. They cannot conduct electricity or dissociate in water because their amount of acid on a pH scale is very weak(greater than 0). Most weak…

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