Essay on An Organization Or Economic System

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According to, a business is “an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.” Target is a business that is a great in a my opinion because the customer service it good but the item prices are wonderful. No business in the entire world is perfect because the people that are running these businesses are not perfect. Top level management plans for all kinds of situations that could happen but no one knows exactly knows what happen until it happen. Target planned for a fraud situation but things didn 't goes as things were planned and now Target is now the sidelines looking at their reputation going from good to bad. Target tried but they blew it because the hackers got the the air duct at central command and they didn 't turn on the software. The reason that I 'm typing this paper is because Target go robbed digitally by some guys that wanted data that was very personal to the customers of Target. According to a Bloomberg Article, the hackers got into Target 's security operations center by using the excuse of “I 'm here to work on your air conditioning unit” by a third-party vendor. (Bloomberg). I 'm not saying that the hackers just walked into the corporation headquarters and walked top of the building where the security operations center is most likely located. Then, the hackers just plugged in the flash drive and uploaded the virus. The real problem is that the hackers shouldn 't have in…

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