An Old Debate Of Nature Vs Nurture Essays

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Cesar Lombroso said that all criminals shared some distinctive features like huge eye sockets, enormous jaws, and handle shaped ears. This theory forms part of an old debate of nature versus nurture that still continues in today’s days. Francis Galton’s field basis, “eugenics”, was that inheritance is more important than the environment and education. For him “talent, character, intellect, disposition, and other aspects of "natural ability," as well as physical features, such as height and eye color, are governed by heredity.” Similarly, tendency for vice and criminality are also inherited. However, this concept became disreputable in the 50s because of its association with “with involuntary sterilization laws and Nazi barbarities.” Although of this, Galton’s premises were incorporated in E. O. Wilson’s Sociobiology in 1975, (Are XYY…, 2016). Today’s days, scientist continue investigating human’s behavior, and the reason behind their actions. Moreover, the study of the brain becomes more complex as technology advances; as a result, these two areas become one in some point to prove if human’s behavior are inherited as Galton once said. Therefore, in order to prove if nurture is the real reason behind a person’s decisions, it is necessary to investigate if nature also plays part of people’s destiny.
One of the first theories in 1960s was that men that committed crimes had an extra Y chromosome. Initially, the idea that the Y chromosome defines man, and that men are more…

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