Essay on An Objective Of Process Evaluation

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A. Objective Of Process Evaluation
The single most distinctive facet of qualitative research is the personal interest of the evaluator in the process of gathering the data, to forms of evaluation, measurement procedures designed to dissociate an evaluator from data collection. For instance, it may become evident early in the process of observation that the staff’s expectations are incorrect or that the program sponsor’s objectives are different from what the program participants expect. Furthermore, the deprivation of the credibility of the evaluation process would be disastrous for evaluators who have endeavored to demonstrate that evaluations use in improving systems. Also, qualitative evaluators borrowed the idea of triangulation from surveyors to identify this procedure. Although there are no limitations on the observations and interviews, evaluators try to conduct the data gathering process towards the elements of the plan.
B. Summary Description Of Two Proposed Methodologies
Quantitative Methodology The quantitative procedure utilized to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data can transform into useable statistics. Moreover, the utilization quantifies attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and other defined variables and generalizing results from a larger sample population. Quantitative methodologies use quantitative data to develop facts and reveal patterns in research. Furthermore, quantitative data collection methods more structured than…

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