Essay on An Lesson Plan On The Civil War

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This lesson plan spans over a four week period and has the students working in literary circles to learn about the Civil War. The students are broken up into groups of four, and each group of four is assigned a historical fiction novel about the causes, people, and battles of the Civil War. Once the groups have been formed, the members of the group will decide how many pages or chapters they need to read each week in order to finish the novel at the end of four weeks. Each member of the literacy circle (group) has an individual role that they play every week, the roles switch on a weekly basis. The four roles are as follows: the story summarizer, whose job is to write a short summary about the assigned reading section; the word wizard, whose job is to find a few words within the assigned reading section that can be considered “social studies words;” the content connecter choses events that happened in their novel and connects them with the events that have been taught in class; and the discussion director leads the group in a discussion about the assigned reading section by choosing six questions from the Understanding By Design handout. There are four class discussion days during this unit, where the individual literacy circles discuss what they read, and following that there is a full group discussion where each literacy circle shares the key details about their novel and how those details relate to the material presented on the other four days of the school…

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