An Investigation Of The Crime Scene Units Essay

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. Listed were searches on how to make homemade chloroform, how to do a “fool proof” strangulation, and how to get rid of a body. (Casey Anthony Case, 2013) It is not clear who actually made these searches. Cindy admits she was trying to look up chlorophyll and ended up searching for chloroform by mistake. All in all, this seemed unlikely to investigators but they did not have the definitive proof needed to charge anyone. At this time they still only had Casey as a person of interest. The entire family refused to take a polygraph test. It was nearly six months after Caylee went missing before any new evidence was found. On December 11, 2008, meter reader Roy Kronk decided to take a little break from work. He walked into the woods for a little peace and quiet. He noticed something lying on the ground. Upon further inspection, he saw that it was a human skull. He immediately called the authorities. (48 Hour Mystery S23E04, 2014) Crime scene units arrived on the scene. As they began to uncover skeletal remains from the site, they feared that it was the body of missing girl Caylee Anthony. The area of the skeletal remains was just half a mile from the Anthony home. The body had been placed into two garbage bags. Bones were scattered around a 30 foot area. Investigators painstakingly searched the area and recovered almost an entire skeleton. The bones contained small bite marks—evident of animal scavenging. The tibia bone (the largest, most intact bone found)…

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