An Investigation Of Domestic Violence Essay example

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In 2010, in a reality show called Teen Mom, the star Amber Portwood becomes enraged and reportedly “violently kicked, punched and slapped her on again/off again fiancé and the father of her child, Gary Shirley.” These violent acts caused the local authorities to “launch an investigation of domestic violence” (More Violent Scenes). I don’t believe that any negative physical contact should ever be necessary, especially in front of a young child. The fact that she’s capable of these acts while being recorded and broadcast upon a large audience speaks volumes about her. It amazes me how such undeserving violent people could have the privilege to be on television like this. The channel that allowed this episode to be seen must not care about how this would affect their audience, which is between the age groups of 13 to 35.
There are observations, notably a man by the name Stanton Samenow, that violent acts are not caused by watching television or playing video games, saying “People who are fascinated and excited by violence and other crimes gravitate to particular types of programs and games and immerse themselves in them,” (Violence in the Media). This implies people will act violent or enjoy violent things when their personality has violent characteristics. “There is such a thing as a ‘copycat’ crime. A person watches a crime enacted in detail on television and then does the same thing. His decision to do so reflects a mind that has long been fascinated and excited by crime and…

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