An Interview With Michael Is The Vice President Of Axa Advisors

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On the afternoon of March 23rd, I sat down for an informational interview with Michael Stenach. Michael is the Regional Vice President of AXA Advisors. In his role, he is responsible for running the Minneapolis AXA Advisors office. I met Michael after his presentation at the Student Accounting and Financial Association meeting this semester. After listening to him speak, it was clear that he was an expert communicator and had a vast amount of knowledge about the wealth management/financial advising industry. I chose to interview Michael because one of the many careers I am considering is becoming a financial advisor, and because it was clear that he possesses a great amount of knowledge. What I learned about AXA Advisors was that their point of differentiation between them and their competitors (in terms of employee development) is extremely hands-on. Michael stated that other companies in the industry tend to hire 20-30 employees at a time, knowing that only 5-6 will succeed. AXA decides to take a different approach. Michael said that he hires 1-2 employees at a time, throughout various points of the year. This is so he can really work hands on with his new employees and enable them to be successful within the company. When a new employee enters the company, AXA then sponsors them to begin taking their Series 6, 7, 24, 51, 63, 66, and Minnesota Life Insurance licenses. Throughout this process, a small salary is provided to the employees while they are completing this…

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