An Integrated Case Management System Essay

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In family law disputes, the importance of Magellan is that it is an integrated case-management system that works to reduce trauma for children and that keenly focuses the evidence-gathering and trial processes on ensuring the best outcomes for children who may have been abused or may be at risk of abuse.

In 1997 the Australian Law Reform Commission and Human Rights Commission conveyed a report ‘Seen but not heard’. Focussing on children’s involvement within the legal process, revelations of excessive time periods, expensive and inconclusive legal process and parental dissatisfaction surfaced. A decade on, the Preliminary report of the family violence and violence in family’s was released. Particularizing the involvement of the family court in contact/resident disputes and child abuse allegations ascertained the unspoken burden placed upon the court as a part of the nation’s child protection service system. Finally the Family court commenced a review of pending cases, this confirmed the magnitude of the courts participation in managing family violence disputes inclusive of alleged child abuse. The argumentative culture of the Family Court, focuses on the adversarial approach of arguing and fighting, and this is a preventative to issues being solved through therapeutic jurisprudence.

‘Australia 's children are the nation 's future. Australia 's legal processes have consistently failed to recognise this fact by ignoring, marginalising and mistreating…

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