An Information Overload : An Analysis Essay

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An Information Overload: An Analysis of “Orientation”

In the short story “Orientation,” Daniel Orozco shows the narrator giving a job orientation to a new employee. Throughout the short story, the narrator is showing the new employee around the building and explaining the basics of how the office runs. The beginning of the story is like many job orientations for people. The reader is introduced to many of the main people and what they do for a work. Also, the person giving the orientation normally shows you how to run certain things in the building. This is what the narrator doing, however, Orozco adds in extremely personal stories about many of the workers into this short story. In “Orientation,” Daniel Orozco uses point-of-view and satire to present the personal and impersonal stories of this job orientation. The first line of the story starts out very impersonal and normal. Orozco plays around with second person voice within these first couple of paragraphs. It states, “those are the offices and these are the cubicles. That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle” (1061). From this first line, it is shown that the narrator is starting to take the orientation on a normal and impersonal path. Within the first three paragraphs there is frequent mention of the second person voice in the story. This is showing the reader that these statements are pointed to the new employee and the reader also. It allows the reader to gain the sense that these items, are that…

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