An Individual 's Sense Of Self Develops Through Interactions With Others

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An individual 's sense of self develops through interactions with others (Brym and Lie 2015:15). If interactions with students are encouraging, this creates a positive environment with a stable growth of academic skills, and maturity. However, if the interaction is negative this can lead to the student questioning who they are, what they believe in and their skills. As discussed in “Teacher Disapproval, Delinquent Peers, and Self-Reported Delinquency: A Longitudinal Test of Labeling Theory” by Mike S. Adams and T. David Evans explains how labelling has a connection and is a contributor to delinquency. This peer review examins the teachers who gave negative labels and how it affects delinquency, students, and relationships that are formed because of the direct influence of delinquency. Furthermore “National Youth Survey (NYS)” (Adams and Evans (1996: 203)) measures the research. The first wave questioned eleven to seventeen-year-olds about the delinquent acts they did in 1976. The second wave questioned the past participants during the same time next year about the same questions as last year. These questions were about “age, race, sex” (Adams, Mike and T. David Evans. 1996) other delinquent acts, and the answers were from never to two times a day. Table one shows; prior delinquency (PRIOR), urbanicity (URBAN), the family structure being intact or another situation (BROKHM), labelling (TLABEL) certain labels teachers gave delinquents, associations with delinquent peers…

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