An Extraordinary Mystery : The Creation Of Life Essay

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For centuries, scientists have attempted to discover an extraordinary mystery: the creation of life. The perplexity itself is challenging enough to describe without designating it a miracle. Moreover, unlocking the secret to creating life would crack open a whole new realm of knowledge and possibilities. In fact, knowledge is the primary engine for discovery. Knowledge is the power that scientists most vigorously crave and pursue. However, the search for knowledge may be an unquenchable thirst. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, through Victor Frankenstein, illustrates that the pursuit of knowledge can bring ruin. Indeed, all throughout history, advancements in every aspect of life have been made through the pursuit of knowledge. For example, scientists, mathematicians, explorers, etc., have all made incredibly meaningful contributions to the world through their determination and passion for discovery. The pursuit for more drives the advancement of nations. Correspondingly, men and women who seek discovery and knowledge constitute the backbone for the future. On the other hand, the pursuit of knowledge can turn into a grueling and corrupting task. In fact, the arduous work and dedication can drive someone mad. The investment that is required can be exceedingly demanding and take a toll on the individual. On the journey toward discovery, the view of the initial goal can become blurred, and motives can become distorted or even forgotten. Also, the pursuit of knowledge can…

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