An Example Of Human Rights And The Holocaust

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Human rights was adopted by the United Nation General Assembly on December 10th, 1948 because of World War II , who were forcing men to go to war, which was causing them to abandon their families. After the war the United Nation guaranteed the right of every individual, every single where across the world safety, also known as the Human Right. Human Rights is basic freedoms such as the right to life, liberty, and expression and earning of education that you are given when born that no one can take from you no matter the race, sex, language or age and any other thing that’s has to do with discrimination. Human rights are the protection you have over another person who wants to harm or hurt you .Basically a right that has you safe from others. An example of human rights is when a child or adult is being forced to work by a dictator, which is someone who has complete power over everything like a country by using force.

My project is on the Holocaust. The holocaust to me was done to fix a system, or government that Hitler felt like the Jews who he considers ‘’aliens’’ threaten the German racial community. In order for him
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was appointed chancellor a senior state or legal official Of Germany who realized that the Europeans also known as the Jewish were weak from fighting World War I . Once coming to power Hitler took all power from the Weimar Republic, the German Parliamentary Democracy which was established after World War I. Hitler then decided to create a concentration camp or jail that was used to make the all the people he didn’t kill suffer. The holocaust was so scary that many other groups decided to join their side rather fight them, which was propaganda. Every one that didn’t fit in was dismissed of their public or private place. The holocaust was taking place right around the World War

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