An Example Of A Virtuous Person Performing A Morally Right Action

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3. (word count: 634) An example of a virtuous person performing a morally right action is not participating in cheating when they easily could. This person may be in a super hard math class that they are struggling with. Maybe they need to get an A on the next test in order to pass the class and have the grade point average that they want. The student knows that the teacher uses the exact same tests year to year and does not change anything about them. Their friend took the class a previous year and offers to lend the student their old test to memorize so that they can pass the exam. The tests are multiple choice and all the student would have to do is memorize the appropriate letters to fill in on the exam. Since this is a virtuous person performing a morally right action, they turn down the offer to use the old exam and decide to study on their own. This person not only did not want to get caught, but also would have felt guilty and bad about doing something morally wrong like cheating. They would rather try on their own and fail than cheat and pass because they would have felt guilt and this could have stayed with them for a long time. The main virtue exhibited in this case is honesty. According to Timmons (2013), honesty is something that “involves at a minimum being disposed to tell the truth and avoid lying, as well as the disposition to have certain feelings about truth telling and about lying” (p. 25). The person is being honest to themselves, their…

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