An Examination Of Strengths And Improvements Essay

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An Examination of Strengths and Improvements
Focusing on analyzing weaknesses helps to remove obstacles that would block personal gain for reaching the goal of success in life. Many cannot handle the truth or accept personal assessment. Personally I like knowing who I am, and where my strength lies. I must say it has taken me forty years to get to this point. I realized one day that to succeed higher, I had to embrace the things that were holding me back.
The personal assessment orientation that Capella provided helped to expose the weaknesses as a writer and researcher. The assessment helped to name the strengths as well as expose to the student the area(s) needed for improvement. Capella’s assessment activities help to improve, build, and encourage the student by confirming the student’s strong area(s). One thing life has taught each person is that there is strength in numbers. Teamwork never failed in any environment and I am so happy to know we have a terrific group that are willing to work together. I really prefer to work alone, mainly because I like my quiet-time. There are days I never turn the television on, and I just love the quietness.
I have also found if there are too many team-members working together on one project, confusion steps in the room and lack of understanding is right behind confusion. I like to think one of my biggest strengths is listening skills. As I stated earlier, I truly love quietness. I…

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