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Response to MNCASA website At, I found a lot of information I did not know about sexual violence. There is so much that I didn’t understand and even more that I never will. I can relate much of what happened in Bastard out of Carolina to the information I found. In this journal I will apply my newly found knowledge to the book. Glen committed incest, sexually abused a child, and sexually harassed Bone (Allison, 285). All of these are terrible, but the one that stood out the most to me was incest. I would have not at first thought that his actions would be considered incest since he was unrelated. On further inspection, however; I found that “incest can be committed by a parent, sibling, other family member, or an unrelated person living with, or treated as part of the family.” according to the MNCASA website. Putting this title on Glen seems fitting since Anney loved Glen, and their family treated him as their father (272). I think being part of the family made this much more traumatic than if it was a stranger. If it had been a stranger, then Anney would have no problem hating him, instead any is heartbroken that Glen did that to Bone. In the Common Reactions page, I found many of the symptoms that Bone displays. The most prominent being emotional numbing. From the first time Bone was sexual abused she showed signs of it (47). She seems distant, like all she can focus on is what happened. When the Sheriff tries to question her, she just keeps thinking about…

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