Panzram's Impact On Henry Lesser

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for a twenty-five-year sentence Henry Lesser became Henry James and Panzram’s ‘pen-pal’. Lesser would still send money to Panzram to get cigarettes while he was at Leavenworth prison (Borowski, 2011). Panzram thanked Lesser in his final letters for treating him as a human being and believed if he would have been treated like that in the beginning he could have been a better man (Borowski, 2011).
Criminal Acts That Contributed to Panzram’s Criminal Lifestyle During Panzram’s time in the Minnesota State Training School he was beaten, raped, and tortured by the staff between working hard labor all day (Martisiute, 2017). Panzram learned in his words ‘man’s inhumanities,’ during his two years at the school (Borowski, 2015). Panzram was gang raped at around fourteen when
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Instead it enhanced his belief of all humanity being evil. Through all the maltreatment and time spent in jails and prisons Panzram would plan a larger scale plan to erase humanity from Earth. Panzram progression through life involved building his deceit to project his past treatment onto others. He dreamed of decimated the excess population of the world by planting a bomb in a train to explode while in a closed tunnel, and for anyone who tried to escape Panzram would shoot them before they could leave the tunnel (Borowski, 2011). He also planned to start a war between England and the United States because he didn’t believe that previous wars killed enough people (Borowski, 2011). Panzram had the capacity to become a mass murderer if he was not detained and sentenced to death. Henry Lesser may not have known that he was attempting at reforming Panzram through his humane treatment. Lesser effectively started to help Panzram open up to his offenses and release his past onto paper. If Henry Lesser would have been introduced to Panzram earlier within his criminal history reform could of potentially be an

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