An Evaluation Of A Force Field Analysis Essay

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3.5 Force field analysis
A force field analysis was conducted on the company in regards to the need for change and implementation of any changes (appendix 9). The driving forces being that of the recent failed inspections, levels of quality products and services and the company reputation to uphold along with many other forces for a need for change. The main restraining factors include the going against the current status quo, people do not like change and some even avoid change as we can see with the sales manager who avoids the use of the internet site and does not see the potential in it. Inevitably this will be damaging to the company as in order to progress and develop a level of change is required (mullins 2007). Another resisting force would be that of time and costs, one must recognise that to benefit in the long run sacrifices will need to be made and in this case it may be that of not being fully focussed on day to day business, investing both time and money to lead to a successful future for the hotel.
The force field model was a great help to identify internal issues that may aid and obstruct change however the model does may cause a division in the workforce from those who support the change and those who do resist leading to potential conflict and de motivation. Also the model requires full participation in order to achieve a full picture, as with limited information the analysis outcomes may not be realistic and potentially invalid for analytical use.


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