An Essay On The Power Of Speech By Lawrence Freedman

Power of Speech
“He showed it was possible to make a weak argument stronger through careful construction, and taught his art to willing pupils.” This quote from Strategy, by Lawrence Freedman, means that the strength of an argument depends on the ability one can speak. An argument between either an individual or a group can easily be defeated by one’s ability to speak. Persuasion is easily achievable with a powerful speech using both listening and speaking, but the most vital is speaking skills. Speech allows for an individual to lead a conversation, portray a picture, and convince the listener.
When speaking one must be skilled in order to lead a conversation in one’s favor. Driving an argument can lead the “rival” into a corner where they will begin to panic and eventually become dumbfounded. Listeners will be raptured by the fact it became a one sided argument and will is thought more of the speaker and will listen to their
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This is accomplished with the mixture of all skills combined. Personal experience, portraying, leading and rationalizing are several vital skills to convince the listener. Take advantage of the fact that the opponent has to wait their turn to speak and use the different skills strategically. This final skill is vital for all parts of the argument and a lack of ability in this skill will cause even the mightiest of men to fall prey to those who are skilled.
Speaking skill is more vital to an argument than listening as shown by several leaders in history. A powerful voice and diction can cause the opponent to seem irrational and eventually leading to the speaker’s success. However with only speaking several issues arises; such as imbalance, dictatorship, a bias government and more. Listening is involved where consideration to the listener is vital. Listening is a skill vital to speaking since only peaceful and humane movements are powered by both listening and

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