An Essay About Moral And Ethical Dilemmas

893 Words Dec 10th, 2014 4 Pages
During this semester, we had to write three essays. With each one came different requirements, challenges and also a sense of accomplishment. Throughout my educational career, I have written many, many essays. Each time I write them though, I feel like I improve. I learn from my mistakes I had previously made and remember those so that I can make each paper that much better. This class and these three essays are no exception to that. The first essay that we were assigned in English Composition II was a compare and contrast, the second an essay about moral and ethical dilemmas, and the last an argumentative research paper. At the beginning of the semester we were assigned our first paper, a compare and contrast essay. At first I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to write about. Yes, there were different pieces of literature that I enjoyed, but did any of them have anything to do which each other? It wasn 't until the day that we had to write which two pieces we were going to do that I knew the pieces I was going to write about. I chose “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes and “When I Heard the Learn 'd Astronomer” by Walt Whitman. The two pieces had a common theme of education but at the same time were talking about and had completely different meanings. From this essay I learnt time management. Waiting to the last minute, to write this before we were going to have peer editing in class was not the way to go. I also learned to enjoy a piece of literature and analyze…

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