An Epidemic Occurring Among High School Students Of America Essay

1560 Words Dec 10th, 2015 7 Pages
There is an epidemic occurring among the high school students of America. Students across the nation are not being taught the necessary skills to effectively produce collegiate level papers (See Robertson, Taczak, and Yancey). As the members of the class of 2015 settle into college, students of the class of 2016 need to be warned: they are not being taught what they need to know to be successful in their writing careers. Although educators throughout the United States are teaching what is required by law to teach, they need to step up their game and teach students how to write a real paper. No more five paragraph essays. No more writing checklists. These primary school methods do not successfully transfer to higher level education. Several writing experts have looked into the research behind this accusations. Robertson, Taczak, and Yancey argue that transfer is “a dynamic activity through which students, like all composers, actively make use of prior knowledge as they respond to new writing tasks” (1). Moreover, they believe that students need to be taught how to transfer their prior knowledge, or knowledge that can come up in one of three ways: meet the needs of a new task, result in the recognition of a bad match, or it may differ with the requirements of an assignment (3). Please give writing in Saint Dominic a facelift. Students need more hands on activities and personalized writing classes. Students are graduating without the necessary skills to properly and effectively…

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