An Epic Day By Billy Collins Essay

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“An Epic Day”

When Billy Collins wrote a poem titled “The Names.” America was enamored by tragedy. Speaking of pain/tragedy in this poem is shockingly detailed among few lines. The United States monuments Sept. 11, 2001, this day will never be forgotten. My insight will reflect on the effects this attack had on our communities, lives of Americans, also the tightening of the security we hold.

The communities were hit hard. Effects of this event put citizens in financial binds, although times were getting difficult this brought us closer together as a Nation. The dollar amount of damage done in the wake of the attacks was a towering number. Offices, businesses, even corporations were put on hold, destroyed or damaged. Many relief funds were set up to help in supporting the victims. Wikipedia states, “There was $10 billion dollars of property and infrastructure damage. Moreover, a total of $3 trillion dollars in cost.” In Result, the attacks of 9/11 included a greater focus on home life, as well as time spent with family. Radio industries responded by playing certain songs over the radio. They took others off the radio, in lieu of bringing us closer together as well. Billy Collins writes, “A boy on a lake lifts his oars. A woman by a window puts a match to a candle.” (Lines: 38-39; Page: 1295) This to me symbolizes sympathy to care for another. Meaning in a sense of going out of the way or the extra mile when someone is in need. To…

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