Essay on An Environmental Value System ( Evs )

1210 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
An environmental value system (EVS) is a particular worldview or set of paradigms that shapes the way individuals or societies perceive and evaluate environmental issues. To a large extent I agree with the definition above because cultural (including religious), economic and socio-political factors influence views and perspectives no matter the subject or, context. For example, those who come from MEDC will have different life experiences, cultures, education, and type of society than LEDC which means they will have a different worldview. Another example would be countries with a democratic or, authoritarian society will have completely different views than one another. How an individual views the world or, their paradigm affects the assumptions that are made because it is based on their own values and attitudes.
In general, EVSs can be broadly divided into three categories: technocentrist, anthropocentrist, and ecocentrist. Technocentrist believe that technology will keep pace and provide solutions to environmental problems and that humans are dependant on nature but nature is there to benefit humankind. On the other end of the spectrum, ecocentrist believe in environmental sustainability and minimizing disturbances to natural processes. This is a more holistic view as oppose to the human centered one above. Anthropocentrist believe in a combination of both viewpoints. The term technocentrist is sometimes referred to as a cornucopian view which is a belief in the…

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