An Economic System Based On Private Property Essay

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In the first sentence of the source it is says, “An economic system based on private property turns citizens against each other…” They are referring to rich people in a Capitalist society, a society were there is no government involvement, free market and private property, are able to acquire a higher standard of living compared to the people that do not have a lot of money. Rich people love a Capitalist society because they have everything they want, it is running perfectly to them. The second sentence in the source states that, “…The interest of those who “have” are in conflict with the interest of those who “have not.” The rich have the ability to get richer as the poor get poorer. The rich can have anything they want, it causes conflict of interest between the two classes. The rich and poor serve totally different lives. The government, in a capitalist economy engineers the services so the less wealthy can not afford them. In a Socialist society everyone is equal, the government controls everything and there is 1% poor and 1% rich, everyone is in the middle class. Capitalists argue that Socialism will not work in societies like the United States because of the diversity and population. Every society has Socialism in it, even if its just a couple aspects. Every society should be Socialist or have Socialist aspects in it, it is the perfect medium between Capitalism and Marxism.

The “haves” which are the rich and wealthy, do not see anything wrong with a Capitalist…

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