An Early Childhood Day Care Essay

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Every parent wants the best for their child especially in terms of their learning and it is the teacher’s job to accomplish this and provide this to children. That is what an early childhood day care in Australia wants to achieve and practise. The kinder, Wesley Vale Primary school comes to an attention of lacking in having an interaction with the children individually. The article mentions how the kinder comes to a solution to develop a program of what they call, ‘Project-based learning’. They built this idea from looking back to Reggio Emilia and Kathy Walker’s approach to early childhood learning. An approach of Kathy Walker (2013) is to get the children to pick a topic they have interest in and skilfully relate this to numeracy and literacy. This approach is very similar to the Wesley Vale Primary school’s play-based program system. From this article, it promotes how effective is play-based learning as a tool to support children’s development in the school and establish a genuine interest in learning.
From the article, Valuing play: the early years learning framework in schools (2012) written by Rose Devlin, addresses about the importance of play in terms of learning and how this helps their system to support a consistent way for children to develop and maintain an interest towards learning. In their centre, they mention that the inspiration to create the ‘Project-based learning’ program is through looking back to the approach of Reggio Emilia and Kathy Walker about…

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