An Autobiography Of My Religious And Spiritual Development Essay

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As I reflected on what to include in an autobiography of my religious and spiritual development, I think of five steps of growth in my life of faith. These include my baptism, my “born again experience,” my conversion to Catholicism, my living the Faith, and my call to a religious community. These steps also shed light on why I am interested in studying at Holy Apostles College.
I count my baptism as a great gift of God’s loving care coming out of the tragedy of my father’s death when I was 1-1/2 years old. While living with my grandparents subsequent to his death, I was baptized, and I believe that my baptism provided the foundation for my soul’s responsiveness to the spiritual as I grew up. I liked going to Church when I had the opportunity. I appreciated receiving religious articles as gifts. I played church, preaching to my sister and cousin.
The next step in my spiritual life was the quintessential “born again” experience at a youth revival. In this experience, I recognition of God’s personal love for me and my personal sinfulness, my failure to love him in return. However, I was 14 years old, living in a non-religious household, one-half hour from the nearest church of any kind, so my spiritual growth was limited.
When I could drive, I visited various churches before joining a Foursquare Church. Here I was baptized again, by full immersion, as my baptism as an infant “didn’t count.” The worship at this church was very dynamic, and there were many bible studies…

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